From Parents:

High standards we would expect from our daughters
“Our family is so grateful for The Lord leading us to Scott Clifton. Both of our daughters have flourished academically and spiritually under his tutelage. In his classes our girls developed their own passions for learning and living for Christ. Scott has truly been our partner—with high standards we expect from our daughters that encouraged them to think for themselves within the framework of a Biblical worldview. His assignments are creative and definitely aimed at educating students, not just keeping them busy. He brings an energy to classroom discussions that engages students and makes the subject matter memorable, while fostering an atmosphere where learning and laughter coexist. His classes have been an enriching addition to our home school.” — Wesley & Karen J.

You made it challenging, but fun.
“We are so thankful Kevin was in your class this year. It has been a privilege to witness not only his academic progress, but his spiritual growth as he practices applying God’s truth in his life. You have given the kids under your care much opportunity to reason and think about how to filter all that they learn through the Word of God. We are grateful that you presented and encouraged a biblical perspective in all subjects. We have confidence that God will use this to influence Kevin toward His purpose. You have done a wonderful job of preparing Kevin. You made his first ‘real school’ experience challenging, yet fun, and I know he appreciates it.” — Kent & Debbie C.

Very pleased with son’s progress
“We are very pleased with the progress our son has made and with the care you display toward the students in your classes.” — Paul & Laurie V.

A victory for homeschooling!
“It is obvious that you helped us prepare our daughter for college. She learned how to study, how to manage her time, and how to think. She also learned how to communicate with her professors and was not afraid of asking questions in class. Another victory for home schooling!” — Johnnie & Megan N.

Well organized, well presented, timely
“We are very pleased with Scott’s integrated curriculum and his thoroughness, dedication, and high expectation for his students. Our daughter is challenged to think and to participate. Scott brings literature, American government, composition, and grammar to life for his students, allowing them to see how their education is vital as professing Christians and citizens. Assignment sheets are well organized, guidelines for assignments were well presented, grading was timely, class time was looked forward to….” — Steve & Sheryl C.

You see students as individuals, help them reach their potential.
“Several things stand out to me. First, you have a way of making all subjects dynamic and fun—even grammar! I do not think that the students will never forget the learning games in language arts, history, etc. You had them really enjoying themselves while learning at the same time. You really know how to motivate kids. The thing I appreciated most was seeing how you were a visionary and could see each student as an individual. You have helped them to reach their best potential and formed a strong foundation preparing them for the next step. Again, thank you both for your excellent care and for your devotion to our family and to our Lord, Jesus Christ!” — Jim & Bonnie S.

When you are giving the end-of-year test…
and your kid says, “I just answered the reading comprehension questions on the Bill of Rights and Constitution without reading the passage.” Thanks, Scott Clifton! — Marisa R.

I am so proud of Regan…
and wanted to let you know, because I feel like you had a very strong hand in her education. She just finished her 1st semester at AB Tech with all As….I just finished reading her final essay for English and am impressed with how well written it is. Again, thanks to all the writing assignments you gave her. Just wanted to brag and to thank you! — Karen B.
From Students:

Letter from a former student #1:
“I sincerely offer my recommendation of Mr. Scott Clifton as a highly competent teacher and Christian man. As one of his former pupils, I appreciate his vast knowledge of English and his original insight into many scholarly arenas such as history, government, and literature. He is also an astounding mathematician. In Mr. Clifton, one finds an array of talents rare to a single person.

“When I was a student in his class, I discovered that Mr. Clifton made every class interesting and memorable. Seemingly dry topics became captivating through his employment of attention-grabbing facts and historical audio-visuals. Encouraging lively classroom discussions and debates, prodded students to voice their opinions on matters both historical and current. I excelled in his classes and felt that they better prepared me for the SAT and for future college coursework.

“Mr. Clifton is hilarious. With his terrific sense of humor, he blends wit and learning to create a rewarding and yet enjoyable educational experience. “When Mr. Clifton becomes your teacher, he also becomes your friend. During the time I was in his high school class, I found that he laughed with the students who were happy and showed compassion toward those students who were hurting. Mr. Clifton is encouraging, polite, and honest. He is a strong Christian man with a robust moral code. In short, he is an outstanding teacher and a great friend. I highly recommend him to anyone considering his classes.” — Luke K.

Letter from a former student #2:
“When I first visited your class…I realized this was the class I wanted to be in. Students freely expressed their ideas. You taught the class from a Christian and Constitutional perspective. You weren’t afraid to teach the truth about subjects most teachers avoided altogether.

“When I started my freshman year with you, many things took me by surprise. Usually teachers have one area of expertise, but you were exceptionally good in every area you taught in….

A class didn’t go by where I didn’t laugh. That alone made it easier for us to learn and easier for us all to become close friends. You were always coming up with new and creative ways for us to learn….Jeopardy! became our study guide….Creating our own business gave us a crash course in economics. And the composition assignments were always stimulating.

“Under your teaching, I have been able to become academically independent. When faced with opposing viewpoints, I am able to listen and critically evaluate each argument. I am forever in your debt. You not only opened my mind, but then you taught me how to apply it in everyday life….I know God will use you to bless many lives.” — Matt F.

Letter from a former student #3:
“Mr. Clifton, wow, what can I say? I’ll probably repeat myself…but you were much more than a teacher to me in high school. You became a friend, a mentor, a father figure, and you showed me how to view the world analytically or critically, or whatever word fits best.

“When I was in “regular”/private school I hated going to class, especially at the school I started at in Florida….You and your class talks made me not only enjoy but also eagerly anticipate classes. It was a sad day indeed when I graduated, but I’ll hold the memories from those four years forever in my mind….

“Each time I have a fun professor here at FSU I’m reminded of you. Thanks for being there for me during my formative years.”— Matthew M.