The best resource available.

We used [American Government for Christian Homeschoolers] for our freshman boy’s education. It was fantastic. The format was easy for him to follow. And the frequent consideration of God’s Word and principles made a great impact on his thinking.

Just what we needed.

My 16-year-old son is actually enjoying literature! Need I say more?

Great collection!

[American Literature for Christian Homeschoolers] is a fabulous collection of works. My son enjoyed them all. Mr. Clifton has done a super job of making learning fun and challenging. The daily schedule is super helpful. Highly recommended!

The BEST British Literature Curriculum, hands down!

I researched for MONTHS, if not an entire year, which British Literature to use for my then upcoming senior. I was dreading another year of my son not wanting to do literature and not putting forth his best effort. To be honest, British Literature intimidated me enough to search for what he might actually enjoy reading! Then I found these books!

My son is not a huge fan of literature; yet he has LOVED this curriculum and the selections that are included! They have been wise choices in which I didn’t have to be concerned with any questionable content in them. The four volumes that I purchased have been easy to read, understand, therefore, increasing his reading comprehension! Now that he is able to easily comprehend the material, my son is asking to purchase other books to read just for FUN! ???? Therefore, I credit this curriculum to have inspired him to want to read more just in everyday life! He purchased a book recently just for fun and sat down and read it cover to cover in just one night! That has NEVER happened before using this curriculum!

His comprehension has also increased with each selection and he is able to answer the questions in a concise manner! This has proven to be the BEST decision to purchase British Literature for Christian Homeschoolers by Scott Clifton! Mr. Clifton has provided very quick response via email to any questions or technical support that I had in regards to the curriculum. For example, I emailed him last night and by the time I got to work this morning there was already a response from him! AMAZING! Therefore, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these books!

They also come with questions after each day’s selections and quizzes that are available once purchased. This has been a HUGE help to me as a full-time RN/Pastor’s wife, working in the midst of a pandemic and homeschooling my senior son. I can come home and grade his work from the day, we discuss it and what he has learned from the assigned passages for the day. Time is of the essence for me right now, so the fact that I don’t have to come up with my own questions and quizzes, and that they are provided for my son….I am so thankful! God bless you Mr. Scott Clifton for helping to save me time and energy!

Library of classics!
The quality of Scott’s literature curriculum is what enthusiastically attracted us to his classes, and we’re now the proud parents of a graduate! If your student isn’t able to attend Scott’s classes, he has included a 30-week reading plan and thoughtful review questions, which would make this curriculum easy to use as a self-directed or parent-directed course. I highly recommend these for adults, as well!

A good variety of short stories for high schoolers.

A ton of American classics with good questions.

A great story with great questions.

A Tale of Two Cities was a great read already, but the questions Scott Clifton provides make it far more enjoyable.

God-honoring and eye opening book!
Scott Clifton has a very engaging way of pulling the reader into American Government learning without any resistance.  He is humorous, down to earth, and makes AG relevant to the point of inspiring students to take action on their beliefs….[T]his well written book brings to light parts of history that were not taught to me in public school; this, completely opening my eyes to a more realistic picture of what pitfalls our political leaders have found themselves in, as well as what distresses they have in turn put our country into….I highly recommend this book as an excellent choice for High School American Government.  I teach an AG class for our homeschool coop, and this book has proved easy to read, easy to teach from, and easy to understand.  With the added bonus of already-put-together quizzes, it is easy to test with. I look forward to using his Civics book next year.

A great collection of the British classics.

Volume one of British Literature was a blast to read. It was amazing to see how J. R. R. Tolkien took so much inspiration from Beowulf. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight had subtle but good themes around Christianity and courage.

Wonderful high school lit curriculum!

Homeschool parents, no need to search high and low for a comprehensive literature collection for your high schoolers; Scott Clifton’s compilations are all you need. [World Literature for Christian Homeschoolers] Volume 1: Ancient Writings introduces students to a sampling of worldviews and challenges them to compare the non-Christian to the Christian. Aesop’s fables and Confucius’ sayings provide a nice dose of character lessons, and Scott Clifton provides an eye-opening, side-by-side comparison of teachings of the Quran and the Bible on a few important topics. My daughter loved The Martyr of the Catacombs, a moving, inspirational book every Christian should read. All the selections and accompanying questions offer students opportunities to grow in wisdom, the goal of a true education.

High schoolers, put down your smartphones and read! But don’t read just anything, read quality writing. And parents, if your “education” came from the American public system, it was most likely lackluster, so read the books yourselves and learn along with your kids.

Easy to follow
My 14 year old daughter enjoyed [American Government for Christian Homeschoolers]. It is organized well, and she needed very little instruction to complete her weekly assignments.  Additionally, she learned a lot!  We were impressed by how often we heard “Did you know…?”  Highly recommend this curriculum!

Excellent literature book for homeschoolers
…[A] wonderful job showcasing a plethora of essays, poems, letters and speeches from various authors combining all in [American Literature for Christian Homeschoolers].  The questions for review at the end of each selection are helpful, as well as the footnotes which often define more challenging words for the students.  As with other of Clifton’s books, he provides a reading plan in the beginning. It is very easy for independent learning. I appreciate his thoughtful approach to homeschool curriculum.

Great story selections – educational, serious, and even humorous

Here are some highlights of Scott Clifton’s Classic Literature books Volumes 1-4:

A good selection of interesting readings; footnotes that are helpful for understanding the difficult words as well as the cultural & time period backgrounds; introductions for each reading that give background information on the writing and writers while integrating a biblical world view throughout (as seen in the intros, footnotes, & discussion questions)….

Scott Clifton provides good discussion questions made for students to answer after reading the material which stimulate students to think and better understand what they read; manageable sized paperback books–not too bulky or heavy, but without compromising print size or content.

Highly recommend

My 15-year-old homeschooler enjoyed this book and learning from it.  Scott has a way of writing and delivering the material in his books that just resonates with the student.  My son is a math/science guy and doesn’t love to read; however, he learned a great deal in Scott’s classes as his material is broken up in small lessons and easy to follow.  We are looking forward to more material like this next year at Home School Partners where all the material is fresh, clear, and on point with what I want my son to learn while in high school.

Great American Government textbook

My daughter enjoyed the layout of this book: the short daily readings were interesting, informative, often with funny anecdotes, and easy to understand, all within a Biblical framework.  She learned a lot and has a solid grasp of the historical foundation and present status of the American government.

Our go-to World Literature texts!

Each of the World Literature for Christian Homeschoolers texts compiled by Mr. Scott Clifton contains a wide range of excellent selections. Mr. Clifton provides helpful introductions explaining the background of each author, and a reading schedule for planning and pacing your student’s assignments throughout the year. One of our son’s favorite works of literature to date, Martyr of the Catacombs, was discovered while reading the Vol. 1 text of this series, and his other favorite, The Magnificent Ambersons, he read while studying American Literature using Mr. Clifton’s American Literature for Christian Homeschoolers series.

All we needed for our literature.
This book series had everything my daughter needed including quizzes. We are happy we had this resource for our homeschool.

Great for homeschooling.

My daughter used this book for ninth grade and it was fantastic! She learned so much and it really fostered independent learning.


We have used all four books in this series [Classic Literature for Christian Homeschoolers]. I would highly recommend all of them. They are an invaluable resource for a homeschooling family especially. Review questions with answers along with a reading schedule are included. Well worth the small investment.

Great exposure to the classics!

Love that this book includes a variety of great classics. My kids always wanted to read ahead and really enjoyed
the context. I love that I was able to download the answer key to the questions and tests.

Perfect and convenient!

My kids loved the Science Fiction Classics [from Classic Literature for Christian Homeschoolers]! So convenient to use the 30 week reading plan. Study questions after each chapter make it easy to ensure your child is understanding the subject matter. Perfect for a busy homeschool!

Best decision I made.

This series of literature books answers one of the toughest decisions homeschool parents have to make: What literature should my high-schooler read? Scott Clifton has masterfully selected a collection of novels, poems, short stories, and essays that truly enrich those who read them. The series is also easy to use: large font, room for notes, footnotes for the archaic vocabulary, review questions, and essay topics all organized into a 30-week reading schedule. Each piece is prefaced with an introduction providing historical context as well as highlighting the literary devices unique to the piece. My high schoolers are now in college. Looking back, I can think of many things I wish I had done better during our home-schooling years, but getting this series for them is one of the best decisions I made. They read every single selection in this 4 volume series (along with Mr. Clifton’s other series on American, Classic, and World literature), and they are better for it.

Thank you!

As with all of Mr. Clifton’s volumes of World Literature, we trust his selections. He is an excellent teacher and funny. Mr. Clifton is a purveyor of truth, and will substantiate your Christian worldview with all of his materials. He had made our high school life much richer, and our home life much less stressful.

Very insightful!

Having forgotten almost everything I learned in my high school government class, I have really enjoyed teaching this to my homeschooler.  It is extremely relevant to many of today’s issues, and with the insights from this book, we have been to be able to view these issues through a Biblical lens.  Well-planned with 31 easy-to-read lessons and quizzes are included.  The book also contains lots of humor to make it fun and light instead of boring and heavy!  Highly recommend!

Great encouragement for Homeschoolers (and those who love, but don’t understand them)

Finally, a book [Homeschool Humor] that sums up the Homeschool experience, and puts a great big funny bow on it. This book is for anyone who homeschools, anyone thinking of homeschooling, or maybe even those that don’t understand them.

If you are trekking the only unbeaten path that the world won’t admire you for travelling, that is, your own children’s education, then you need this book [Homeschool Humor, Volume 1]. I find myself reading a few pages here and there to get a little pick me up, and to remind myself that we’re not alone in our insanity. Actually, I was hoping some of the follies of homeschooling Scott so humorously describes were just an us thing, but now I know better. It’s good to know we are truly not alone. Thanks Scott, for bringing a smile to my face, and reminding all of us what we’re doing this for. Great book for any Homeschool parents, or the ones who love them.

Just like the first. Hilarious!

This sequel’s [Homeschooling Humor, Volume 2] just like the first. Mr. Clifton takes homeschooling experiences and retells them in the most humorous way possible! Read–and laugh!


After getting this book [Homeschool Humor, Volume 1], I started reading and couldn’t keep a straight face! Mr. Clifton knows his homeschooling facts and fiction and presents them in a humorous (that’s an understatement!) way. While reading, I laughed harder than I have in years. Thanks to Mr. Clifton for a great read and inescapable humor. Treat yourself to some laughs by buying this book!

Check out the above books (Literature for Christian HomeschoolersCivics for Christian HomeschoolersAmerican Government for Christian Homeschoolers, and Homeschool Humor) here!