Online College Credit Classes

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• Online Christian-worldview high school college-credit classes
• Classes offered AT COST!
• 1.5-hour classes on Tuesdays (noon – 1:30 EST)
• Approximately 30 weeks, August through April
• 20+ years of experience teaching high schoolers

Frequently asked questions about the online college credit classes (for answers, scroll down or watch the video to the left!):

Who are you? • What are these classes like? • How do the college credits work?When do the classes meet?What does my student do during the week?What about tests/grades/record keeping?How much do the classes cost?What materials/supplies does my student need?I have more questions; can I contact you?

Who are you?
I’m a Christian homeschooling dad with six graduates and one teenager; I’ve been married 32 years to my wife Julie. In high school I got interested in government/politics and literature, started tutoring math on the side, worked one year each as a teacher in a government school and a Christian school, and started my high school co-op in 2002.

I’ve written several books, including American government and civics books for Christian homeschoolers, and also edited six literature sets for Christian homeschoolers (7th through 12th “grade”). I’ve also written two “Homeschool Humor” books, and I’m currently working on an economics book for Christian homeschoolers.

Right now with my classes I’m really focused on helping Christian high schoolers learn subjects like literature and history and government from an exciting, Christian worldview! I went to government schools throughout my elementary, high school, and college years, and the evolutionist/socialist/feminist dreck they threw at us even back then (I graduated high school in 1987) stuck in my mind, in the sense that I thought, when I started teaching, I’m going to give these kids the absolute opposite of that: the truth!

What are these classes going to be like?
The weekly online classes will be approximately an hour and a half (we’ll probably pause or take a quick break somewhere in the middle). If it’s Week 12, for example, we’ll review the readings from Week 11, introduce some new topics, go over what we’re going to do the coming week, and so on. I’ll answer questions and give students plenty of opportunities to interact and give their input. I enjoy working with high schoolers, so we’ll have a good time and learn a lot!

You can find out more details about the material we cover in the class sets on other pages on my web site (the pages have some information that only applies to my in-person classes). For the English/Civics/Economics set, click here; for the English/U. S. History I/U. S. History II set, click here (this class set will be available 2023-24).

How do the college credits work?
I’m partnering with York College, a Christian college in Nebraska. I teach each college-credit-earning dual enrollment class, record your student’s dual enrollment grades, and send them in to York. All your student has to do for each dual enrollment class is (a) register online with York (It’s free!); (b) complete a “Course Requirement Checklist Quiz” online (takes about three minutes); (c) complete our weekly readings, essays, quizzes, and other assignments; and (d) complete and upload one paper/assignment to York’s web site (we will work on each paper/assignment during class and at home, and I will grade them myself). I can give you more details about the exact steps to take to register your student when the time comes.

When do the classes meet?
Beginning August 16 and going through April 2023, on Tuesdays from noon – 1:30 PM (EST) for the English/Civics/Economics set. I’ll try my best to fit everything into an hour and a half; we might have days where we get done early, so the times are approximate! I’ll start right on time, unless something unusual happens (like being attacked by yellow jackets, for example). If your student misses a class, I plan on recording them (as long as you parents give your permission; I’ll never allow anyone outside our class to view them), so I should be able to send you a link for viewing later.

What does my student do during the week?
After each online class, I’ll email you and/or your student a four-day assignment sheet which divides up readings and assignments. You can see an example of the kind of sheet by scrolling to the bottom of this page. (For a small additional fee, I can add things to your student’s assignment sheet like “Day 1: Make dinner,” “Day 2: Tar the roof,” “Day 3: Rub Dad’s feet for an hour,” etc.)

What about tests/grades/record keeping?
In my in-person classes we do regular tests, but I think it would probably be a little awkward to try that in an online class, so I think it would be a good idea for students to do them at home, probably on the day before class, so it’s fresh in their minds if they want to ask me any questions about them.

I’ll email you the test and key each time, and you can print it out and administer it, then score it (They’re easy to score!), and email me your student’s score, along with questions, if you have any. I’ll input your student’s scores into a Microsoft Excel grade sheet and send you regular updates! I’ve also created a transcript template that I can give you at the end of the classes; you can see what it looks like by scrolling to the bottom of this page again.

Essays for class and dual enrollment essays/projects are different; I’ll grade all those! Students will email me their regular class essays in Microsoft Word format (I provide a template), and I’ll correct them and email them back. Students will also email me dual enrollment essays and projects, and I’ll grade those too and return the corrected versions.

At the end of the year, I’ll email you a document that gives the books and topics we studied in each subject, so you can keep that for your records.

How much do the classes cost?
These classes are being offered this year AT COST. The cost is $300 per semester; every penny of that I send directly to York College for the dual enrollment credits. Click here to go to the tuition payment page!

What materials/supplies does my student need?
English/Civics/Economics class set:
Click here for a list of what your student needs.
(It’s basically (a) books, (b) Internet access, (c) Microsoft Word, etc.)

Do you have any parent or student testimonials?
I’m glad you asked! Here are some.

Can I contact you?
Sure! You can email me here or call/text me at the number below.

Tuesdays from noon – 1:30 PM (EST)
6 college credits for Comp I and Comp II in the English/Civics/Economics set
Tests at home (parent graded), essays I grade, reports and transcript docs emailed to parents
Supplies needed: books (links above), MS Word, Internet/email access
Register here.
Pay tuition here.

May the Lord bless your homeschooling journey!
– Scott