Classic Literature for Christian Homeschoolers is a four-day-a-week, 30-week reading plan for Christian homeschooled high schoolers. Here’s what you get with the entire Classic Literature for Christian Homeschoolers set:

  • Great Reads! Classic Literature for Christian Homeschoolers pulls together many of the greatest classic mysteries, short stories, science fiction works, and tales.
  • A Helpful, 30-Week Reading Schedule. No more “What should we read this week?” Each volume of Classic Literature for Christian Homeschoolers contains a 30-week schedule that maps out your student’s literature reading for the year.
  • A Christian Worldview. Classic Literature for Christian Homeschoolers is presented from a Bible-believing, Christian point of view, which is reflected in the selection introductions, footnotes, and review questions—many of which offer relevant scripture passages for students to research and compare to the literature selections.
  • Introductions, Footnotes, and Review Questions. These put writings into historical context, assist students in understanding archaic terms, clear up potentially hazy passages, and point the student to think about and understand important ideas presented.
  • A Free Answer Key to Review Questions. Parents, you can discuss the questions at the end of each selection with your student—fully armed with the answer key!

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