FREE Math Tips, Tricks, and Mental Calculations Video Class (14 Weeks)

Student, here’s what you get from this class:

  • How to multiply and divide numbers in your head (including numbers with decimals!)
  • Speed at working with percents, decimals, and fractions
  • Better ways to solve percent word problems quickly and accurately
  • How to calculate sale prices, tips, prices with tax faster and/or in your head
  • A “free” feeling that you can focus more on higher math concepts, not arithmetic, when you’re learning Algebra
  • Practice sheets, crossword puzzles, word searches, and do-it-yourself quizzes to help you get faster and faster at mental calculations
  • Success in only about 5-15 minutes of practice time per day, four days a week!

How to do the class:

  1. Know your basic arithmetic tables (+, ‒, ×, ÷) quickly and accurately, through 12×12, 132÷12, 9+9, and 18-9).
  2. Get some notebook paper and a small pack of 3×5 or 4×6 note cards.
  3. Watch one video per week (links below), and take notes (transfer notes onto note cards).
  4. Complete the practice sheet for that week after watching the video. Important: Spread practice sheets over four days; this is critical!
  5. Take a quiz on some weeks for Day 4’s practice; score it yourself using the key!
  6. Download and print the practice sheets and quizzes (see below).
  7. Watch yourself getting faster at mental math!

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(Weekly/daily practice sheets and quizzes are at the bottom of this page.)

Week 1

Week 2 (See below for fractions/decimals/percents handout.)

Week 3

Week 4 (See below for practice sheet.)

Week 5 (See below for crossword puzzle.)

Week 6

Week 7 (See below for practice sheet.)

Week 8 (See below for practice sheet.)

Week 9 (See below for practice sheet.)

Week 10 (See below for crossword puzzle.)

Week 11 (See below for practice sheet.)

Week 12 (See below for word search.)

Week 13 (See below for crossword puzzle.)

Week 14