Home School Partners

Get 30+ college credits for your student through Home School Partners
high school co-op classes, taught from a Christian worldview!

Watch this video to see how the college credits classes work! (Hit “F” for full screen and watch in 4K!)

All HSP classes are taught from a Biblical worldview, and the college credits come from a nationally accredited college, which means they’ll transfer if you want your student to finish up anywhere else.

Less than thrilled about the prospect of sending your homeschooled high schooler to “woke,” anti-Christian community colleges? Home School Partners has you covered!

If you’d like your students to come to HSP classes all through high school, they could earn 30 or more college credits while studying these subjects (each bullet represents one year):

•  Civics, Economics, English (Classic Literature, Grammar, Vocabulary, Composition)
•  American Government, English (American Literature, Grammar, Vocabulary, Composition)
•  World History, English (World Literature, Composition)
•  U. S. History, English (British Literature, Composition)

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If you’d like your high schooler to experience English and history classes with…

•  Classic, rich, challenging, Biblically-based content
•  Expert help with improving writing skills
•  Direction and advice with records and high school transcripts
•  Detailed, four-day-per-week assignment sheets for students to take home
•  Fun games, activities, audio-visuals, and interaction with other students
•  College credits each year, with assistance for students all the way through the process…

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