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– Scott Clifton, Home School Partners
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Key 2021-22 Dates:

August 12: Class Social; August 13: Open House; August 18-19: First Week of Classes; October 13-14: Fall Break; November 24-25: Thanksgiving; December 15-16: Last Week of 2021 Classes; January 5-6: First Week of 2022 Classes; February 23-24: Winter Break; April 27-28: Last Week of 2021-22 Classes
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General English + History
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“9th/10th Grade” (Wednesday,
9:30 AM -1:50 PM)

English + History
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“11th/12th Grade” (Thursday,
9:30 AM – 1:50 PM)

English + History
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Algebra 1 & Algebra 2
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