Student Expectations
Students who take classes with Home School Partners should…

Students, call or email me if you have questions!  I really enjoy working with young persons LIKE YOU, and I want you to succeed!

Parents, if your student is having any initial challenges (which is normal for first-year students in the beginning; trust me, it happens all the time—don’t worry!), let me know as soon as possible so I can offer help. Note: 90+ percent of these challenges can be overcome by diligence/hard work.

As we all remember, high school brings new challenges for students—and it can take a little time to adjust!  And by the way: Home School Partners classes are absolutely NOT just for “geniuses” or other names people use to refer to “smart” students (whatever “smart” means).  What’s most important is being diligent and thorough, coming to class prepared, and having a teachable spirit.  Kids who work hard, listen, participate, take notes, and have a good attitude toward their work always do great!

Again, students, feel free to contact me if you are struggling or have questions!  To repeat what I wrote above: I really enjoy working with high schoolers LIKE YOU, and I want you to succeed!

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PARENTS: I’ve enjoyed working with homeschoolers since 2002, and I really like working with high schoolers! But at the risk of sounding slightly harsh, HSP is not either of these:

(a) a remedial school
(b) a reform school

My classes are not the place to send your high schooler if you are hoping I will make up for years of poor work/study habits or character shortcomings. I owe it to all the parents whose teens attend these classes to provide a healthful, edifying atmosphere free of the issues that plague government schools, and even many Christian schools. One of the reasons Christian parents homeschool their children is that they know that “evil communications corrupt good manners” (1 Corinthians 15:33). Parents, before you sign up your students for my classes, please ensure that they…


Cheating – Academic dishonesty such as cheating on quizzes or plagiarism on essays is unacceptable and will result in, at minimum, a zero for the assignment.

Cell PhonesCell phones are not to be used during our weekly online meetings.  We only have 50 minutes live online to meet each week; let’s use the time wisely! Student interaction strengthens our meetings, and cell phone use during class is generally incompatible with students’ contributing and paying attention.

Cameras – Students, please make sure your camera is on during class, and your mic is ready to go!

Timeliness – Students, please be sure to arrive several minutes before class starts.  That way you can ask questions and say hello to other students—and we can start on time!

Dress Code – Student dress should be modest and appropriate for a learning environment.

Tests/Compositions/Projects/Grades – Quizzes are complete at home online; these are graded in Canvas. Parents, please be sure to check your student’s grades regularly! Essays and Assessable Artifacts (class writing projects) will be written in Microsoft Word and corrected/returned via Canvas.  They are to be uploaded by 11:59 PM of the day before the class day to be considered on time.  Each day a composition or project is uploaded late to Canvas, 20 percent is automatically deducted from that score.

Tuition/Refund/Class Availability
Fall Classes (August – December): Tuition is due by July 31st.
Two-Semester Classes (August – April): Tuition is due by July 31st.
Spring Classes (January – April): Tuition is due by December 1st.

Because a significant amount of the tuition I collect is turned over to York University, refunds will not be given once classes start.

I will do everything in my power to have all classes at our classroom during a class calendar year!  There might, however, be extenuating circumstances where it won’t be possible to exactly follow the classroom calendar posted elsewhere on this web site.  In that case, I will provide via email any materials needed by students to the best of my ability!