FREE Saxon Math Algebra 1: 3rd Edition Video Class

Here’s how to get started:

1. Get the Saxon Algebra 1 materials (see below).
2. See below for the video links to Saxon Math Algebra 1: 3rd Edition.
3. Check problem set answers with the solutions manual.
4. Administer tests regularly, using the test booklet, which also has an answer key to check the answers. (See the instructions in the test kit.)

That’s it! I recommend the following for math students:

  • Saxon Algebra 1 book (3rd Edition)
  • Saxon Algebra 1 solutions manual (3rd Edition)
  • Saxon Algebra 1 tests and test answer key (3rd Edition)
  • OR the whole homeschool kit (all three above items) is available directly below:

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Algebra 1 Video Links:

Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4Lesson 5
Lesson 6Lesson 7Lesson 8Lesson 9Lesson 10

Lesson 11Lesson 12Lesson 13Lesson 14Lesson 15
Lesson 16Lesson 17Lesson 18Lesson 19Lesson 20

Lesson 21Lesson 22Lesson 23Lesson 24Lesson 25
Lesson 26Lesson 27Lesson 28Lesson 29Lesson 30

Lesson 31Lesson 32Lesson 33Lesson 34Lesson 35
Lesson 36Lesson 37Lesson 38Lesson 39Lesson 40

Lesson 41Lesson 42Lesson 43Lesson 44Lesson 45
Lesson 46Lesson 47Lesson 48Lesson 49Lesson 50

Lesson 51Lesson 52Lesson 53Lesson 54Lesson 55
Lesson 56Lesson 57Lesson 58Lesson 59Lesson 60

Lesson 61Lesson 62Lesson 63Lesson 64Lesson 65
Lesson 66Lesson 67Lesson 68Lesson 69Lesson 70

Lesson 71Lesson 72Lesson 73Lesson 74Lesson 75
Lesson 76Lesson 77Lesson 78Lesson 79Lesson 80

Lesson 81Lesson 82Lesson 83Lesson 84Lesson 85
Lesson 86Lesson 87Lesson 88Lesson 89Lesson 90

Lesson 91Lesson 92Lesson 93Lesson 94Lesson 95
Lesson 96Lesson 97Lesson 98Lesson 99Lesson 100

Lesson 101Lesson 102Lesson 103Lesson 104Lesson 105
Lesson 106Lesson 107Lesson 108Lesson 109Lesson 110

Lesson 111Lesson 112Lesson 113Lesson 114Lesson 115
Lesson 116Lesson 117Lesson 118Lesson 119Lesson 120

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