Registration Form – Online Classes

2022-23 English + History Classes for College Credit

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We understand that Home School Partners presents subjects from a Christian/Biblical worldview as explained on this web site, while making students aware of other worldviews.
We agree that our student will complete assignments and be ready to discuss them, and will reasonably participate in discussions.
We agree that our student will speak courteously to others. We understand that inappropriate talk—anything sexual in nature, obscene or blasphemous language, used to bully, and so on—is unacceptable and is grounds for immediate dismissal, without a refund.
Our student has access to Microsoft Word or an alternative that creates Word documents, and reasonable access to an email account and the Internet in order to be able to email compositions.
We agree to remit one half of the yearly tuition ($300 for English/Civics/Economics, $450 for English/U. S. History I & II) on or before the first day of class, and the other half on or before January 1st of the following year. We understand that no refunds will be able to be given.