Supply List – English + History (“11th/12th Grade”)

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World Literature for Christian Homeschoolers Book Set:

IMPORTANT: Parents, content for Volumes 1 and 2 have undergone major revisions, so your student will need the new editions, but the other volumes are the same!

And you do NOT need to buy Volume 3, Let Me Die in Ireland, or Volume 6, Animal Farm, if your student is in my physical co-op class; I provide those to students!)


  • Microsoft Word or something that can produce .doc or .docx documents, like Google Docs
  • Internet access
  • Email account that accepts attachments


  • Two mechanical pencils
  • Two black pens
  • Three-ring notebook, loose-leaf paper (not the tear-out kind)
  • Books, homework, notes
  • Lunch/snacks/drink as needed