6 College Credits Earned: American Government – 3, American Literature – 3

When: Wednesdays, 3 – 4:30 PM EST, August to late April (Calendar)


In our text, American Government for Christian Homeschoolers, we review what the Bible says is the true reason for government, the truth about the “separation between church and state,” the superiority of limited government, influences on America’s government (Christianity, Ancient Greece and Rome, the Renaissance, the Reformation, etc.), government types and their strengths and weaknesses, the Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation and U. S. Constitution, constitutional amendments, key Supreme Court cases, nullification, political parties, secession, the North/South War’s effect on U. S. government, taxation, endless government agencies, welfare and foreign aid, government spending, great presidential vetoes and pardons, “emergencies” as excuses for government tyranny, pickled beets, and more!


American Literature (Book Set: American Literature for Christian Homeschoolers)

Students analyze essays, speeches, poems, letters, short stories, a novel, and a biography.  We also review literary elements (theme, plot, character, setting, poetry terms, irony, symbolism, tone, and style), comparing often humanistic worldviews with a Christian view.


No boring essays to write! Compositions often relate to areas of study in other subjects such as American Government and American Literature.  Students receive thorough corrections on their turn-in essays, with the benefit of Scott Clifton’s degree in journalism and his experience as a writer and editor.


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