English + History Class – Nuts and Bolts

Examples of Transcript Document and Weekly Assignment Sheet Provided for Students and Parents:

General Info About the High School English + History Classes
High School classes meet once per week for 32 weeks (16 weeks before Christmas, 16 weeks after). The class is designed to complement the efforts of parents who are home schooling their high school children and are not in any way intended to replace the homeschooling parent, who is, of course, the primary teacher of a homeschooled child. I teach students from a Biblical worldview, while making them aware of other worldviews.

Each week at the end of class, students receive an assignment sheet broken up into four days of subjects, which they complete and bring to class the next week with their notes and completed exercises. We review the readings and exercises together, sometimes using PowerPoint slides, and sometimes in groups of 4-6 students at tables. Each week there is also some type of group activity such as Jeopardy! or a crossword puzzle or another game to give students a chance to interact with each other and reinforce what we’ve been studying in class.

What Each High School Class Set Includes:
• English (Literature, Composition, Grammar/Vocabulary; see more below!)
• History (see which ones below!)
• Math Tips & Tricks or Logic (the 9th/10th “grade” class has Math Tips or Logic during the 1st semester on Wednesdays)

Four Years of High School, Four Different Class Sets
The Home School Partners high school classes operate on an “every-other-year” rotating basis. Each year two class sets—one 9th/10th grade class set, and one 11th/12th grade class set—are offered; the next year two different sets (one 9th/10th grade, one 11th/12th grade) are offered.

Thus, students may take four totally different high school class sets, four years in a row! A student who takes all four Home School Partners high school class sets will study the equivalent of the following:

4 English Units – Grammar, Vocabulary, and Composition (those three parts in both 9th/10th grade sets, and Composition in both 11th/12th grade sets), American Literature, Classic Literature, World Literature, and British Literature
4 History Units – American Government, Civics (1 semester), Economics (1 semester), World History, and American History
1 Academic Elective Unit (Optional) – Math Tips & Tricks (1 semester), and Logic (1 semester)

Other Benefits of High School Classes
Weekly Assignment Sheets: Students receive an assignment sheet broken up into daily assignments for that week.
Essay Corrections: I correct and return student essays (eight per year) using my experience as a writer and editor. If students carefully review and commit to making corrections on their future essays based upon my suggestions and comments, they will greatly improve and speed up their ability to write clearly and effectively!
Evaluation Reports: These are updated and emailed throughout the year. At the year’s end, I provide parents with a report that can be updated and added to (it can be used as a high school transcript).
Weekly Synopses: To assist in record keeping, each week I send parents a synopsis, with information on what was studied in every subject that week.
Transcript: I provide an editable document that your family may use to build a transcript for your high school student.
Games/Fun Stuff/Interaction with Other Students: Our classes include group projects, activities, Jeopardy! games (and other games), discussions, films, educational field trips to study the effect of poultry consumption on the human body (Chick-fil-A outings), and more.